The Issue

B. Blake Levitt's Answers to 10 Questions You Might Have About The Science, The Animals, The Towers, etc

What is the ElectroMagnetic Spectrum?
Duration 01:30
If ElectroMagnetic Frequencies Exist in Nature, What is the Difference Here?
Duration 00:31
What is Resonance?
Duration 01:28
How Does Cellular Technology Work?
Duration 00:41
How Does Living Near Cell Towers Affect People?
Duration 00:43
I Love my Cell Phone, But Can't Stand the Towers, What Can I Do?
Duration 01:00
How Does EMF Affect Other Animals?
Duration 00:31
Is it Just that Birds Fly Into Antennas?
Duration 00:47
I heard WiFi isn't Safe, is this True?
Duration 00:18
Why Do the Results Of Studies Vary So Much?
Duration 00:31

Full Signal is about the proliferation of cellular technology across the globe. It has spread unabated like wildfire. More than half the world’s population owns a phone. And nearly everybody lives within the range of a cell tower. Yet nobody truly knows to what extent this technology has an impact on the human population.

Debates on the subject have ranged from scientific circles to the mass media to courts of law with opinions that are just as diverse. People are concerned about safety and security, technological advancement, health and the environment.

But an increasing number of studies are starting to correlate certain ailments with cellular technology, ranging from dizziness to tumors. Full Signal takes the position that it is highly unlikely that these scientist’s findings are all incorrect. The “Issue” section will feature an interactive page to help those interested in the facts hear them directly from the experts.

For more information on this issue, please visit: Chronic Exposure (will open in a new tab).