About the Director

Talal Jabari, a Palestinian/American, started his career in journalism in 2000 with the onset of the Second Intifada. Working his way up the career ladder, he covered the escalating violence for such prominent news sources as BBC World Service, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, and Al Ahram Weekly.

In 2002, Talal jumped into TV news as an associate producer for CBS News as well as a field producer for the CBS news magazine 60 Minutes.

Dissatisfied with the knee-jerk nature of TV news, and not being able to explore the background story in the alotted 90 seconds, Talal’s next career jump was as line producer and production coordinator of an award-winning 5-documentary film series entitled “The Shape of the Future.” He also produced 4 episodes for Al Jazeera Documentary Channel's flagship 8-part series: "Israel from Within".

Since then, Talal has continued to specialize in factual programming traveling to Nigeria, Guatemala and Serbia among other places, to work on various documentaries and doco-reality TV shows.

Despite working on numerous award-winning documentary films as a producer or as a sound designer, this is Talal’s first film as the director.

There are 3.5 Billion cell phone users in this world. So the chances are, if you are alive, you are being touched by electromagnetic radiation related to cell phone frequencies.

This truly is a film about EVERYONE on this planet. This film deals with the personal stories of a few individuals in the US, in Europe, and in the Middle East. But people from Indonesia to Trinidad are starting to voice their concerns over the placement of antennas in their neighborhoods.

Dr. Louis Slesin inspires me to ask the question: if you own and use a cell phone, do you have the right to protest against the placement of an antenna in your neighborhood?